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Power, Politics and Policy

Power, Politics and Policy - of us have seen First there is...

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I found the link to be somewhat difficult to find and I still think I may not be 100% accurate here but I came up with this...They seem to be linked by two things which are behavior and decision making. "Behavior refers to the actions or reactions of an object or organism, usually in relation to the environment." The behavior of one's self is, in my opinion, one major way of how to reach the top in a company. If you're of good behavior then the further you shall climb in the company thus giving you power. Not that you have the power you have the ability for making decisions. These decisions can lead to be policies within a company which with all policies there is always politics. I don't have any personal experiences, yet, but I want to refer to two different movies which I'm sure most
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Unformatted text preview: of us have seen. First there is the movie Anger Management which during the movie there is a perfect example of power when Adam Sandler's boss gives a job he wanted and earned to someone who was not as qualified or hard working as he was. His reaction to this was not what I would expect in a professional environment but since it was a comedy movie it fit the scenario. The other movie, Spider-Man, has a great quote; "With great power comes great responsibility." Throughout the series he (Spider-Man) finds this quote to be very true as do I. In a workplace as an employee yes you may have power but it is limited but as you move up in "rank" not only do you get more power but your responsibilities become more important....
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