Job Satisfaction and Personality

Job Satisfaction and Personality - moments. I like being...

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Job Satisfaction and Personality I would say the most obvious factor is attitude. If you have a poor attitude toward work/your job it's definitely not going to be fun or satisfying. On the other hand having a positive attitude can have many pluses in the work environment. For example, staying positive at work, I think, helps the day go by faster. The experience at my workplace now is the best ever but it still can have its down/dull
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Unformatted text preview: moments. I like being busy for sure because then you're not sitting there watching the second hand on the clock. It's also nice because even though we're a very large company we have a smaller office and everyone knows each other. We also have our "fun days" and we do pot lucks and other things that help make it a great experience. All in all I would have to say it's not what your work is, it's what you make of it....
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