Your Values and You

Your Values and You - individuals not as a whole family...

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Your Values and You I would have to say yes definitely my values have changed since I have matured over the years. i have realized that our own personal values is what gets us through life and what guides us to make the right decision. Whether we know it or not our values are used every day whether we are at work or at home. Good values give us a sense of integrity and honesty, so without good values we would become corrupt, dishonest and non reliable as a person and an employee. I definitely have different values from all my immediate family. Even though I have inherited some values from them I have many they don’t and vice versa but this only changes us as who we are as
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Unformatted text preview: individuals not as a whole family. Since companies look for employees with a good sense of moral values I would have to say that the Big Five play a big role. I would have to say that almost everyone is a different person when they’re at work as opposed to when they’re at home, I know I am. It’s not that I change who I am but it’s a professional environment and I need to be professional while there. Yes I have said that there is laughter throughout the building but it’s not constant by any means. That being said I think it’s simple to say that our traits are what make us who we are both at home and at work....
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