Culture and Organizational Success

Culture and Organizational Success - The book talks about...

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Culture and Organizational Success In the gaming world it’s not about “downing” anyone or anything. I see where the resemblance is in the design but in gaming, unless you are really into it, you don’t really pay too much attention to the outfit or design of the character, except for playing in teams. Being a gamer myself I don’t see any harm in the design but it could offend some people of that culture and be very costly not only to the company, but the designer as well even if the matter is unintentional.
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Unformatted text preview: The book talks about perception and I think it plays a role here. In design it is best to research what your plans are encase that particular design you have in mind is taken or there is something similar. In this situation it’s kind of like copywriting even though the designer was not intentionally doing something wrong. In other words he made a judgment call about his design instead of researching to see about the design and if it had/has any background to it....
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