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Having Fun? My current job, working for a virtual school, offers the teachers telecommuting. Since the school is virtual (over the internet) the office of the teachers is based out of their homes and the main office has about 30 staff members. The teachers work from their homes everyday as a teachers using laptop computers to teach thousands of students each day. It's a great convenience for those who are parents or who will soon be a parent beings they can do their work in the comfort of their own home. I'm sure we've all seen the TV ads about "work from home" and make money on the internet but are they
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Unformatted text preview: real? i have never looked into them so I don't know myself. I do know that the virtual schools or online charter schools are becoming more and more popular these days and they are 100% real with real staff and real teachers. I know this because I work for a virtual school. I greatly enjoy it because not only is it a small staffed office but big virtual environment if we, the main office staff, need to work from home certain days, the virtual world allows us to do so....
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