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Praise Motivates - never hears about do you think they will...

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Praise Motivates After reading both sides about praise I would have to say I’m in the “center lane” when it comes to my thoughts. At the end of the “point” it states that praise is free and I could not agree more, however, it may be free to the receiver but what about the sender? The “counterpoint” gives great explanation of why praise may “seem” free but could be very costly in the long run. Even though praise is always great to hear too much of it could lead to bad things in the company. First off, the employee receives too much praise and in a sense it “dumbs down” performance and the cost falls to the company. On the other hand, not enough praise could have the same consequence because if someone in the office or workplace is doing a great job and
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Unformatted text preview: never hears about do you think they will continue to do that great of a job? Secondly, praising the wrong person could be disastrous whether it be in the workplace or anywhere for that matter. Let’s say in the workplace both you and a fellow co-worker “bust your butt’s” through the week and only one of you is recognized for the work. How would that make the both of you feel? And finally, is praising actually motivating? In the second to last paragraph on the “counterpoint” Steve Smolinsky states “You have to tell students, ‘It’s not as good as you can do…you can do better.’” I see that as a motivation speech and not as praise. All in all I see praise as both good and bad depending on the who, what, where, when, how and why scenario....
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