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Axia College Material Appendix F Insurance Matrix Type of Insurance Functions Example of Company Coverage Characteristics Auto The function of auto insurance is to protect the insurer from any liability or property risk. Teen accidents and drunk driving are most common. Progressive does auto insurance and unlike most automobile insurance companies they also offer home and motorcycle insurance. Loan lease pay-offs, medical payments, pet injury coverage, road side assistance, comprehensive and collision, and rental reimbursement. Home The function of home insurance is to protect the homeowner from any liability or property risk. Burglaries and property damage are most common. Progressive do’s home insurance to. Personal property within inside the home, Additional living expenses in case of fire, structure of home, structure on the property, and injury to household pets while inside. Health The function of health insurance is to insure
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Unformatted text preview: ones or a family’s well being. Injury and illnesses are most common Humana One has beneficial health insurance. Flexibility if you need to move, able to choose from 544,000 healthcare providers, free dental benefits, choice of plans and deductable levels. Disability The function of disability insurance is to be paid 40-70 percentage of the job duty you cannot perform. Most common are brain and bodily damage. Metlife provides disability checks for people all over the world. Social security riders, residual benefits, future purchase options, and cost of living adjustments. Life The function of life insurance is to insure ones family is taken care of when a person passes away. The only way to claim on the policy is death. Nationwide has good life insurance policies. Leave money to charity, insurance for small business owners, access to your money, mortgage protection, and guaranteed cash value....
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