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azx - I thought long and hard for about thirty minutes on...

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I thought long and hard for about thirty minutes on the subject I wanted to write about because there were several that I thought I can relate to and actually talk about valid points. The subject I choose was “Most Americans should not use credit cards”. Why? The irresponsibility of an adult having “free” money for whatever they desire. If you take a look at America and its national debt, we are among the elite of having to accumulate trillions of dollars in debt. One main reason is credit cards because of the over whelming interest rates that people are being charged when the balance is not paid in full before the next billing cycle. Do you want to pay four-hundred for an item that cost only three-hundred for it? Also a lot of people I know have been charged on their credit card but, never authorized the transaction. Once you give away your number it’s out there forever, no code, no pen number, or no ID is required to use your credit card without your permission. Credit cards are also stuck with a limit. Often times it is only five-
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