Based on the descriptions in the text

Based on the descriptions in the text - I feel my...

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o Based on the descriptions in the text, where do you see yourself on the Kolb Inventory? o After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, determine which personality is most like you (e.g. ENTJ). o List the results of the VARK and Multiple Intelligence Inventory learning assessments. o Look at your results, what similarities do you see? What are some of the differences that you see? o Which learning strategy is most effective for you based on these four models? How will this knowledge make you a more effective college student? I would say that my biggest Kolb inventory learning style is an active experimentation ability when I get ready to do something and already have thought it out then I feel im right to the action and no one can stop me from doing it. Myers-Briggs indicator help me identifie my personality that I feel is me and that is sensing I feel things before they happen and being a person of sense is the way
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Unformatted text preview: I feel my personality is the most on the list. M.I.I. Verbal/Linguistic Score 3 VARK V- 4 Musical/Rhythmic Score 4 A- 5 Logica/Mathematical Score 2 R- 8 Interpersonal Score 3 K- 7 Visual/Spatial Score 5 Intrapersonal Score 4 Bodily/Kinesthetic Score 5 Naturalist Score 1 Even though most of the VARK and the Multi Intelligence Inventory are different personalities and different questions I find that most of them have similarities from them both. I would say that the visual learning style is what I use most before that was the only way that I tried to learn things but as I found out what the VARK actually stand for I found out that I do use each and every one of the VARK learning styles almost on a daily bases if not I do daily, which helps me with my school work and comprehending the lesson better and in the long run it will help me earn my degree....
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