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The author persuaded me by talking about how one of his friends went through the same experience as he was mentioning. He also talked about the primary role of your doctor is to pro-long our lives and toe ase our suffering. The use of morphines and other narcotics is something that doctors practice but should not. The essay was writen very well and included a reliable thesis statement with supporting paragraphs to follow this is a big reason why the essay was also sop persuasive. I can use the information from WritePoint to correct things such as my spelling. When you
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Unformatted text preview: use the program to check a paper it tells you if you need to use why, when, and where type of things. If you need to use we, us, or our then the WritePoint will help allow you to manage these correctly. When I write my paper I will not use bias material and this happens when you ramble on about the same subject a lot. When writing my paper making sure that the bias material is not puto ut onto my paper if I am thinking it in my mind....
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