Challenges of a Paper

Challenges of a Paper - Challenges of a Paper When you are...

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Unformatted text preview: Challenges of a Paper When you are writing a paper there are many different challenges you come across that stop you in your tracks. I personally have a problem paying attention to the assignment at hand. Sometimes I drift off in a day dream, or I sit and think about what I am going to write and it triggers something else in my head and I start to think about another subject. Plus you might have a person distract you from what you were thinking about writing. Another big problem for me is grammar. Grammar sometimes gets me in the forgetful state, and I start to just write using no punctuation when I should, and doing things like leaving out commas. Punctuation is a big key to a good paper being wrote out so keeping punctuation on point is very key. Another challenge that I sometimes run across is the fact that if you are writing a paper then you should know something or at least a little bit about the subject you are writing about. Not having vital information about the subject being written about can make you sound are writing about....
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