damn - watch family guy and I recomend that you do not let...

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As I looked at the TV show Family Guy this weekend it made me realice that this show is realy not for familys. Having the whole view of the show Family Guy makes children think that what is on a cartoon is ok. The show shows very upfront, in your face point of views on life that even a grown up wouldn’t agree with. I watched and I never do but, the show talked about things that a grown man wouldn’d discuss with his wife. This is not a show fort kids. Watching the show they have a dog and a baby as the main characters in the show. Many young kids
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Unformatted text preview: watch family guy and I recomend that you do not let your kid watch this. On the other hand the show makes youi think about society and how much people are so up-tight and can’t “take a jokje” when you say things that are said or ask questions that are asked on this show. I am shocked this show has been running for years and more years to come but, this shows you that it doesn’t matter what you put out there its how you put it out there and people will like it wrong or not....
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