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dsa - As i read about the House approving the 60 billion...

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As i read about the House approving the 60 billion dollars in spending cuts, I thought to myself now that’s a lot of spending. Reading from the sites I thought that MSNBC.com gave the most information about how the bill got passed and how many votes it took to get the bill to pass. They sayo n the web site that most of the democrats were forced to back President Obama’s Health Care Bill. After Reading futher it states that House speaker John Boehner said for the first time in years, the peoples house was alowed to work its will. On FoxNews it has a little different approach and a bit less valuable information tan the MSNBC web site. They gave information about how the bill took near round the clock sessions of a four day maratón to pass a 61 billion dollar slash in spending but, the other sites give you just 60. All three of the sites do not differ mucho n the information they all give you great insight on how the sweeping will covers every cabinet agency through the Sept. 30 end of the budget year and, how
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