fff - Part 1 As a the director of this local television...

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Part 1 As a the director of this local television station I will not being airing the event of the three parks closing because we have a famous celebrity that has passed away that we would like to adknowledge. Sure the parks are a big story for our community but, we have this famous celebrity death so this is known around the countryu just not in our community. People from around the world wanted to meet or see this celebrity in person but, never got that chance. The parks are just mainly upset parents that do not want to see the parks go for the sake of their children but, what about when their children grow up to be young adults will they care then? Probably not. If we show the bigger story first then maybe we will get a better rating on the other story because so many were watching the other story. Having the news “at your fingertips” on a 24-hour bases i show the Internet has changed the way we do our media coverage these days. Instead of just watching the news waiting for that certain story to come on again if we missed it just so we can get the story from the source itself. The Internet on the other hand allows you the Access to any story from around the world at any given time. When news is covered responsabaly rather than just put out there you get the proper info needed not just some person writing what they feel about the story. With all the pirating and plagiarism going on on the Internet it is hard to find a common ground
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fff - Part 1 As a the director of this local television...

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