Final Exam - Final Exam David Bland Hum/111 Fernando Javier...

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Final Exam David Bland Hum/111 2011-05-06 Fernando Javier Franco
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1.Outsurcing is a problem and also a issue at the same time because there are so many people that are actually affected by this. When you read the articles that were provided they both gave reasonable arguements about the issues and problems outsourcing causes. Both of the articles stated why they feel that outsourcing is an issue or problem. 2. As I read I thought to myself that there were a lot of thinking what should or would happen than just a direct statement about the problems and to me that’s just not stating a problem correctly. The problems and issues were expressed effectively but, not how they could have. Explaining things like outsourcing harms America and saying it doesn’t is not the right way to go by stating that there is a problem you must back your statements up with valuable and reliable information that is true. 3.First I would use my personal experience and check with myself if I have encountered any evidence or seen the same situation before. The Internet and Public Library are great sources of information because they can provide things like dictionary’s, thesaurus, and even post of papers and examples of other publishers. Also I would see if this was published or unpublished because it could be at the library but is it a childrens book or it could be on the Internet but is it just some person on there blogging about what they think they know and have no clue. 4. When you are looking for a way to refine a issue the two best most common steps that are
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Final Exam - Final Exam David Bland Hum/111 Fernando Javier...

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