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finalll - Reading both paragraphs three and four gave good...

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Reading both paragraphs three and four gave good insight on what it is to be denied credit and what a credit score consist of . The author wrote the fourth paragraph more effectively because there was no shortage of information about how a credit score is calculated. If someone is denied credit the writer provides information why that may have happen in the next paragraph. Knowing that you as an individual are denied credit will let you know ahead of time before it adds up your score, that you do not have a good credit score. All the percentages that add up to the level of a good credit score would be in the fourth paragraph listed. There was a lot of variety in paragraph three were the author explained that individuals are denied credit for a number of reasons, and the author used rhythm and good sentence flow when she was writing about all of the percentages a credit score is made of. Submitting a paper to WritePoint can be a very powerful tool to help you increase
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