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Hip Hop has become one of the most contreversial forms of music that life has to offer. One way or another a positive message is recieved but, also there are messages that come across as negative influence to most of our youth that listens. Sure their are thousands of kids that want to be a “Lil Wayne” in the rapper kind of way but, not have lived the same life as their favorite rapper so they try to do the Same things that their favorite rapper did in life before or in the present. On a positive note we have a had Hip Hop artist’s become more than just an artist they become moguls and you can ask any one in any proffesion and they will tell you that it’s hard to become a mogul. Guys like Jay-z (Shawn Carter) and P Diddy (Shawn Combs) have to their successs in the Hip Hop industrie and made it their owns by branding and distubuting any product that the Hip Hop community would buy. You see they get respectfully called by their “real names” now. Things like clothes, shoes, Tv shows, colognes, and also
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Unformatted text preview: other artist that make their own name for thereselves in the industrie. There has been people that have benefited from artist in the rap game trying to make a difference such as hurricane Kartina and the earthquake in Haiti, Hip Hop artist were lining up just to help with a Little bit that they can. On the flip side of that we have had artist that have made a name for themselves but, contreversy with another artist lead to the death of both rappers. “Beef” is it’s formal name when two artist go at it. All it takes is a few words on a track and we end up lsing some of our most talented rappers in the history of the industrie to gun violence. Tupac & Biggy and Mac Dre & Fat Tone are just a few artist that have went at it on the mic so, it lead to them going at in real life not with words anymore but with the same violence that is basiclly preached on these Hip Hop songs even on the radio now....
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