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How do you feel about being taxed

How do you feel about being taxed - also raises the...

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How do you feel about being taxed 'indirectly' by the UN to the tune of $100b a year - $1 trillion a decade - so it can dish your money out as it - an unelected, unaccountable bureacracy - deems fit? This money that as a country are giving up for something else is not mainly talked about. The UN economists clearly see a new “indirect” green-tax regime as a way around the acrimonious international impasse and the tardy response in meeting national pledges. Taxes they suggest include new carbon levies, international air fare taxes, auctioning the right to pollute and cross-border financial deals, as well as taxes on government grants and loans, each potentially raising US$10 billion annually. A call for a raft of green taxes, by a nongovernment bureaucracy, in recent years already excoriated for its lack of good financial accounting via the scandal of the 2003 oil food program
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Unformatted text preview: , also raises the prospect of a new global order , an order outside electorally accountable governance able to raise funds by proxy. However, the growing dilemma for the UN’s climate-fund administrators and democratic government alike is, according to Dr. Peiser, an even more basic PR one: “For most voters today, green means more expensive, a very negative perception that is only going to get worse”. As far as weary Western taxpayers are concerned, it seems that ‘saving the earth’ shouldn’t mean costing it. How should we take these green taxes? Should we be happy for our country? Or mad at our pockets? This is a matter of the people and doing something about it needs to be sought out. If you are a tax payer than you shall fell the suffer and sac4rifice that you are making for your country....
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