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mnbnfhtu - other wise it is even way above average.I think...

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As I was actually doing the test I felt that it was a fair enough test that anybdy can take it and it gives a fair score to the answers that you just answered. Then when I finished it bécame clear that this test was bias to me because the results told me that I have the ability to achieve success in life which is not true i will succeed in life n matter what the test says because I feel if I would have scored a genius score that I probably would have gotten a totally different answer to what i am going to be in life. It also told me that I have a very high mathematics IQ which I know I do not but, the test is telling me
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Unformatted text preview: other wise it is even way above average.I think that who ever came up with the test probably never took it hiso r herself and actually relized how silly this IQ test really is. I think being compared to other people is always going to happen in life so taking this test was nothing new of it. General statistics Total number of questions : 30 Questions answered : 29 Questions not answered : 1 Questions answered correctly : 11 Questions answered incorrectly : 19 Percentage correct answers: 36 %...
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