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My Results were Congradulations you are a digital billionaire! The game helps you understand that there are more than just one resource and each have something different to offer to the table. When you take the quiz it helps you get even more of an understanding of some of the resources, I will be using the writing center of excellence for myself because my grammer can use a touch up. Sometimes I get the spell check jumping up on the screen and then I have to put it to good use. The math center for excellence will also be utilized by me because they also say that they will help you get back on the right track for starting your next class, even if you click on
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Unformatted text preview: the link it has different math courses that are available to students through the school and you can pick exactly which one you will be attending and pick it and they help you get ready to start that course. The resources are very helpful to what I need under my tool belt to graduate. There is also the library which is included with you tuition this will be a handy tool for me because I like to feed myself with information through reading, the library is a perfect resource for me....
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