unit 3 pt 2 - Analytic Studies: Observational Study Designs...

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Analytic Epidemiology Part 2 Dr. H. Stockwell Analytic Studies: Observational Study Designs Cohort Studies Prospective Cohort Studies Retrospective (historical) Cohort Studies Case-Control Studies Nested case contro Nested case-control Case-cohort studies Case crossover studies Case-crossover studies Determinants of disease: Analytic Epidemiology ± Identifying the causes of disease ± Testing hypotheses using epidemiologic studies ± Goal is to prevent disease (deterrents) Epidemiology: Risk factors ± A behavior, environmental exposure, or inherent human characteristic that is associated with an important health related condition* ± Risk factors are associated with an increased probability of disease but may increased probability of disease but may not always cause the diseases *Last, J. Dictionary of Epidemiology Analytic Studies: Cohort Studies ± Healthy subjects are defined by their exposure status and followed over time to determine the incidence of disease, symptoms or death ± Subjects grouped by exposure level – exposed and unexposed (reference group, comparison group) Panel Studies ± Combination of cross-sectional and cohort ± Same individuals surveyed at several points in time ± Can measure changes in individual Can measure changes in individuals
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Analytic Studies: Case-Control Studies ± A group of individuals with a disease ( cases ) are compared with a group of individuals without the disease (controls ) ± Also called a retrospective study because Also called a study because it starts with people with disease and looks backward for previous exposures which might be relevant to the development of the disease Nested case-control studies ± Case-control study conducted within a cohort study ± Advantages of both study designs Other case-control designs ±
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unit 3 pt 2 - Analytic Studies: Observational Study Designs...

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