PHC 6104 Management of Public Health Programs

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University of Florida Department of Health Services Research, Management and Policy PHC 6104 Evidence-Based Management of Public Health Programs Fall, 2008 Syllabus Class Time and Place Tuesday 11:45—2:45 pm HPNP G201 Course Instructor Swathy Sundaram, MPH [email protected] Office Hours Tuesday 9:00-11:30 am, HSRMP adjunct room: HPNP 4148 Course Description This course provides practical guidance on how to monitor achievement of a program’s objectives, gather information and evidence of the program’s effectiveness, and determine their impact in public health settings. We begin with a review of the structure and functions of the public health system, followed by the rationale and application of an evaluation framework that leads to evidence-based decision-making in public health. The course will then be divided into three fundamental components germane to evaluating public health programs, including: program monitoring, performance appraisal, and evaluation research. Furthermore, the topics covered within these three areas will include: developing evaluation questions, how to select performance measures, research designs, population and sampling, acquiring, measuring, and analyzing the data, and finally, how to utilize the results of evaluation research. The course will then wrap-up with a forecast of trends in public health evaluation. The method of instruction will be comprised of lectures and active student participation in class discussions, followed by exercises using real-world examples that will allow the class to apply the material presented through the lectures while simultaneously demonstrating understanding of the material. Material presented in class will be linked to the reading assignments. Multidisciplinary perspectives will be discussed, and many examples will be provided to illustrate important concepts. Occasionally, speakers will be invited to discuss their experiences with public health evaluation topics. The various components of the course are designed to stimulate thinking about interventions that have been implemented to address public health problems, subsequently deciding on appropriate approaches used to determine the quality and the effectiveness of these interventions. Course Objectives By the end of this course, the student should be able to: 1) Recognize the need for evidence-based public health 2) Explain the role of program evaluation in public health practice
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3) Understand and apply an appropriate evaluation framework 4) Demonstrate skills in program monitoring methods 5) Demonstrate skills in performance measurement 6) Demonstrate skills in evaluation research methods 7) Distinguish the ways in which the three types of program evaluation are interrelated 8) Prepare and write components of program evaluations 9) Demonstrate an understanding of the political, economic, organizational, interpersonal influences on evaluation processes 10) Work with the multiple users of evidence, including public health practitioners,
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PHC 6104 Management of Public Health Programs - University...

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