Cohort Study Slides - 1 Curb JD Abbott RD et al High...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Curb JD, Abbott RD et al. High Density Lipoprotein cholesterol and risk of stroke in elderly men: the Honolulu Heart Program. AJE 2004;160:150-7 ¡ H o : ¢ HDL cholesterol is not related to risk of stroke in older persons (men) without prevalent disease (clinical cardiovascular disease or cancer). ¢ H A : HDL cholesterol will be (inversely) related to risk of stroke… ¡ Population: 1965 8 HHP 8 006 f J t li i O h HI f V t ¢ 1965-8: HHP – 8,006 men of Japanese ancestry living on Oahu, HI from Veterans enrollment rolls followed for CHD and stroke – ¡ Internal or external comparison group? ¢ Internal ¢ Age at study enrollment: 45-68 ¡ How were outcomes ascertained? ¢ Repeated examinations, follow-up of all hospital discharges, death certificates, autopsy records for morbidity/mortality due to CHD, cancer, stroke ¡ Why is Oahu a good place to do a study like this? ¢ Geographically delimited, limited migration, easy to reach all participants. ¡ Informed consent – in every paper Curb et al, 2004, con’d 2 ¡ Examination of 3,741 participants 1991-3 (80% of surviving cohort members) Methods ¡ Follow-up through Dec 1998 ¡ Exclude 1,192 men with prevalent disease ¡ Exclude 105 men with missing data on HDL ¢ 2,444 available for analysis ¢ Mean age at beginning of follow-up: 78 years Curb et al, 2004, con’d 3 ¡ Definition of outcome ¢ All diagnoses reviewed and confirmed by study neurologist and HHP review committee ¡ Probable ¡ Possible ¡ Def of thromboembolic vs. hemorrhagic Curb et al, 2004, con’d 4 ¡ Definition of exposure ¢ Standardized measurements ¢ Blood donation protocol ¢ Other risk factors: age, hypertension, diabetes,...
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Cohort Study Slides - 1 Curb JD Abbott RD et al High...

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