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Astronomy Assignment 2 - nearly 50 yards longer than the...

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Darius Owens The raw data I used to find the baseline was by simply walking and counting the number of paces I took. With each pace being measured at about 16in., the baseline was measured at 206 paces = 3296in = 91.56yds. When I went in to measure the angle, the hypotenuse came up to be 45 degrees from where I was standing. The tangent of that angle is calculated at 1.62. With all of this data, I measured the distance from the Chem- Phys Building to the cupola of the William Young Library to be 148.3yds, which is
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Unformatted text preview: nearly 50 yards longer than the size of a football field. However, I could be at a huge error in my data because everybody measures their paces differently, thus the amount of yards I measured for the baseline could be more or less than the amount that somebody else measured, as well as the correct length of yardage. That, and the angle that I recorded could be off by several degrees; it changes from wherever you’re standing. This impacts the data because it faces incorrect measurements....
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