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Iraq in Fragments - build bases to steal their wealth and...

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Iraq in Fragments Darius Owens PS 212 001 “Iraq in Fragments” was a pretty interesting movie to me. It pretty much gave me a new perspective on the entire Iraqi viewpoint. In the beginning (Part 1), it followed a young boy who mentioned the fear and panic he faced about the American tanks. Which led me to remember my own time as an 11 year old; riding bikes, playing Yu-Gi-Oh cards and watching WWE wrestling, versus his; he was on the fence on either going to school to catch up on learning his reading and writing, or working so he could support his family, all while American tanks are rolling through his impoverished neighborhood. It gave me a view into how rough things are from the start. Part 2 gave a look into the “radicalism” of Islam; but as they saw it, they are Holy Warriors who choose to defend Iraq and to expel the American opposition who want to
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Unformatted text preview: build bases to steal their wealth and their oil, which for the most part, is true. They captured alcohol shopkeepers and held them hostages for “selling wine in the Holy Land of Islam.” The shopkeepers were daddies though; they tore them from families, threatened their lives, and blindfolded them. They claimed that it was like Sadam Hussein all over again. The final part focused on the Kurdish people and their humble livings. They don’t really like the radicals in Iraq, and want to preserve and protect their culture and peoples. Although this movie was a little old (Sadam must have just fallen; Bush was still President), and the translator wasn’t American/English, overall, this movie was educating, informing, and interesting....
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