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Darius Owens AST-191: Sec. 002 Date of Observation: 9/20/2010 During my Observatory Visit, we saw the Moon, Jupiter, Albireo, and we were supposed to observe the M57 Ring Nebula (but we ran out of time). It was pretty cool to see all of these celestial objects in the sky with that super advanced awesome telescope; it was definitely something that would like to do again, and I understand why astronomers like Galileo and Copernicus spent so much time and energy observing the night skies and wanting to learn so much about them. The first thing we viewed was the Moon. Because it was a waxing gibbous (and it’s the closet thing to Earth in the night sky), it was the brightest and largest thing we viewed in the telescope (it nearly blinded my left eye). There were more craters on the lighter side than on the darker side; the gentleman running the observatory later mentioned that the dark spots are newer and are called “geologically younger spots”. Its creation is believed to be an asteroid colliding with Earth, which knocked out a whole
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