Semester Long Reflection

Semester Long Reflection - Semester-Long Project:...

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Semester-Long Project: Reflective Essay Darius Owens CIS 111-402 The semester long project was definitely one that had me exercise my 21 st Century technology and people skills. By seeing all of the daunting assignments that we had to do with a particular controversy of our choice, I was really freaked out that I wouldn’t have been able to complete everything, and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the work. However, it was spread out and manageable, so whether the assignments were big or small, I was able to complete them in a timely manner. For the project, we had to come up with a team of 3-4 people. At first it seemed like it couldn’t have been that bad of a task to do because I was in class with everyone for a previous semester (CIS 110). But it was still pretty frustrating to think that someone you didn’t want to work with may have wanted you as a partner, or someone you did want to be with ended up with other people. After we were told that we were going to pick out partners in that next upcoming class, Roger sent Amanda, Loyd, and me a message on Facebook asking if we wanted to form a group so it wouldn’t have been
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awkward trying to pick, choose, and avoid people within the next class. So I took the opportunity and accepted. It was pretty fun working with the three of them; Roger from the get-go was the leader who pulled everything together
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Semester Long Reflection - Semester-Long Project:...

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