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Statement - Written Statement On I was out at a Rush Party...

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Written Statement On August 25, 2010, I was out at a Rush Party for the Sigma Pi Fraternity. My friend Jeremy Davis accompanied me, and we intentionally were looking for parties to hang out at that night. After nearly an hour or so, Jeremy let me know that I had way too much to drink. By time we left at 1 o’clock in the morning, he walked me all the way from the site of the party, to my room in Baldwin Hall. Upon coming into Baldwin, I realized that if I continued to be loud, ramble, and disrespectful, I could get in trouble. When we reached the front desk, I told the deskman that my friend Jeremy was here for a visit. However, how I answered this sounded as if that I was telling him that my name was Jeremy and not Darius. Also, I told him that I was on the way to room 308B, my assigned room, and Jeremy said he was in the same room, sounding as if he was claiming to live in the same dorm as I. Following this, I was walked upstairs into my room, where my roommate, Tyler Green, awoken from our entrance. When I was in pajamas and
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