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Angela's Ashes Take Home Test

Angela's Ashes Take Home Test - HP I pledge that I neither...

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HP: I pledge that I neither gave nor received any unauthorized help during this test. ____________________ _____________________ _____ _____ Printed name Signature Date Block Final Assessment on Study of Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt Questions of the Day Minimum of one typed paragraph per question Minimum of 5 sentences per paragraph Make sure to include very specific reasons and examples from the story to support your opinion 1. QofD1: What do you think about Angela & Malachy’s parenting skills thus far and why? Discuss them individually. Angela and Malachy McCourt are struggling parents trying to raise their children the best to their ability. Angela is always looking for the welfare of her family of her children over her own, which is a step up more than what Mr. McCourt has so far done. His alcoholism is so far leading to his family’s wages to plummet and for them to starve. And even though Angela lowers her standards to help provide and to cope with her husband’s excessive drinking, she never lowers the expectations of her boys. Therefore, their parenting has no essential key or balance, but mom gives them the sturdy foundation that they’ll need to have to succeed in life, such as mannerism and class. All father has done is give them interesting stories to tell and coming home drunk after every paycheck. 2. QofD2: What do you think is wrong with baby Margaret and why? What clues have there been that something is wrong with her? Baby Margret was cursed from her conception. The positive consequence of her birth has been that Malachy Sr. has been inspired not to drink alcohol anymore. The bad thing was that she still ended up dying. There was no money to buy her food and milk because dad didn’t have a job to upkeep his daughter. That and the living conditions of their home were extremely dirty and got her sick. Out of all of these, they didn’t realize that she was having hacking cough and crying more overtime than usual until it was too late. And even if they got her to some help on time, they probably wouldn’t have been able to afford any expenses necessary to owe up to. 3. QofD3: What do you think of the letter Angela’s cousins wrote to Angela’s mother and why? What do you think Frank McCourt thought of it? What evidence do you have for your opinion?
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The letter that Angela’s cousins wrote to their aunt was trying to help her, but they did it in an unnecessarily mean way. They were going on about how Angela is a screw up and how Angela’s life is dwarfed in comparison to theirs. They also spitted
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Angela's Ashes Take Home Test - HP I pledge that I neither...

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