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Final Project Proposal-Global Leadership

Final Project Proposal-Global Leadership - because he was...

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Darius Owens June 2, 2009 A1 Final Research Proposal I would be interested in doing my final research project on Steve jobs because he is an excellent leader in entertainment and electronics. He has revolutionized the world with the iPod, Macintosh, iTunes, Apple TV, and iPhone, MacBooks, and iLife Software. Not only has he the founder of Apple, but he also founded the former NeXT computer, which he eventually bought out for Apple in 1996, which pulled him in a fat profit of at least $430 million. Also, because he used to run Pixar until the buyout from Disney, he is now one of their Board of Directories. Fortune Magazine listed him as the most powerful Business Leader in 2007, and Disney is a conglomerate that I’d like to work with some day. I would also be interested in working on Neil Armstrong for my final project,
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Unformatted text preview: because he was an astronaut who was a warrior in his field. He began his career as a naval aviator, which is something I plan to do after college. After fighting in Korea, countless training, and test piloting for our military, he eventually came into the USAF and NASA to be an astronaut. He was chosen to be in space for the “Gemini VIII” mission and after accomplishing the first docking with another space vehicle (an unmanned Agena craft), he saved his crew after a malfunction of the craft. He was also the first man to walk onto the moon, which served as a huge spirit riser and ego booster for the United States in the late 20 th Century. Thanks to Armstrong and his crew, the US could claim fame of winning the space race by putting men on the moon and jamming a flag onto it....
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Final Project Proposal-Global Leadership - because he was...

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