Gaston - Lefou But she’s… Gaston The most beautiful...

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Gaston: The Lines #2: Belle Villagers : SHE’S NOTHING LIKE THE REST OF US, YES DIFFERENT FROM THE REST OF US IS BELLE!!! Lefou: I got it, I got… ( Duck drops; he picks it up ). You didn’t miss a shot, Gaston; you’re the greatest hunter in the whole world! Gaston: I know. Lefou: No beast alive stands a chance against you! And no girl for that matter. Gaston: It’s true, Lefou. And I’ve got my sights set on that one Lefou: The inventor’s daughter? Gaston: She’s the one. The lucky one I’m going to marry.
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Unformatted text preview: Lefou: But, she’s… Gaston: The most beautiful girl in town Lefou: I know, but… Gaston: That makes her the best ( Grabs Lefou and brings him nose to nose). And don’t I deserve the best? Lefou: Well of course you do! (Drops Lefou and begins to sing) Gaston: RIGHT FROM THE MOMENT WHEN I MET HER, SAW HER, I SAID SHE’S GOURGEOUS AND I FELL… HERE IN TOWN THERE’S ONLY SHE, WHO IS BEAUTIFUL AS ME SO I’M MAKING PLANS TO WOO AND MARRY BELLE…...
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