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Paper Outline - Poultry Workers Union for Bush(interest...

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Nerissa M., Kimberly O., Darius O., Kristina W., & Spencer G. B3 How the Media Influences Government FEC – Federal election committee Sadam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction (NEVER PUBLICIZED) Media dislike frontrunner Media doesn’t say anything negative about Bush: He defeated Communism (fall of Soviet Union) East-West Germany Reunited (fall of the Berlin Wall) Everything is happy-go lucky and giddy around the world
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Unformatted text preview: Poultry Workers Union for Bush (interest group) Debates are run by the League of Women – another interest group Random polls were down and the Exit pools were up Change vs. the Same old Stupid Primaries Clinton in sex scandal (Stage 2 Muckracker) Media immediately turns watchdog Clinton runs in Primary but loses in 2 nd place. His loss...
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