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Today you see applicants that are academically well-rounded and students that are the cornerstones in their class ranking; however, I bring a different aspect to this application. Not only am I a dedicated student but a student that is passionate about serving my community. Since my junior year, I have been inducted into Tallwood High School’s Men of Excellence, where we serve to improve the scholarship and maturity of African American males in our community. Being able to juggle the following: maintaining academic rigor in the Global Studies and World Languages Academy, having the lead role in my schools theater production, maintaining my weight and physical conditioning for my wrestling team and participating in various community service projects from multiple organizations; I have developed a passion for becoming a role model in my community by
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Unformatted text preview: managing a mentorship program geared to the expansion of educational values and leadership in African American males in my school. The program has been named Grades over Girls . Providing activities to students that gear towards their growth has inspired others to be a part of such a great cause. It is exciting to see students grasp their material, and have a greater appreciation for learning. In addition, the leadership workshops help builds their confidence and encourages them to get involved in their community. This win-win situation that I have provided to both Tallwood students and our community has invoked my understanding of the workings of society and I have come to appreciate my life....
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