Overcoming Essay 750 words

Overcoming Essay 750 words - Throughout high school I have...

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Throughout high school I have been involved in many extracurricular activities such as National Youth Leadership Forums, People to People Student Ambassador Programs, Men of Excellence, Varsity Football, United Ilocano Association of Tidewater, Multicultural Committee, and the German National Honor Society, among others. Yet no extracurricular activity has been more challenging or significant to my personal development and growth than becoming a productive member of my Varsity Wrestling team. As a member of my team, I have experienced joy, pain, sacrifice, adversity, and success. Like most other sports, wrestling is a team endeavor that depends on the collective effort of many individuals contributing to the whole. However, wrestling is very different from any other sport that I have ever played. My passion for wrestling started at an early age. As a young kid my family and I watched World Wrestling Entertainment on television and we even went to several live wrestling events. I still cherish the genuine championship wrestling belt I received as a gift. Walking into the mat
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Overcoming Essay 750 words - Throughout high school I have...

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