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Reading 8 Judith Jarvis Thomson A Defense of Abortion

Reading 8 Judith Jarvis Thomson A Defense of Abortion - 4...

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Judith Jarvis Thomson A Defense of Abortion Review: 1. Slippery slope arguments are decisions that seem to be arbitrarily. 2. A violinist is plugged into another human being, and if the human being unplugs himself the violinist will die. 3. The extreme view is where the life of a fetus is put before the mother’s even if the fetus will endanger the mother’s life. The support for this argument is that directly killing someone is murder while letting someone die through natural causes is permissible. Thomson attacks this view by saying it can’t be seen as murder if the mother performs an abortion on herself.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The point is that a woman has the right to do whatever is necessary to protect her life. 5. Women say this because they have a right to life. 6. Thomson is stating that while it would be generous o for Henry Fonda to touch someone to save a life he doesn’t have to. 7. People can become pregnant even if they have taken every single precaution to prevent such an event from happening. 8. Thomson doesn’t come to a conclusion. She doesn’t outright present her feelings about when abortion is right and wrong. She merely presents her argument....
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