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AMS 311 - AMS 311(Fall 2010 Joe Mitchell PROBABILITY THEORY...

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AMS 311 (Fall, 2010) Joe Mitchell PROBABILITY THEORY Homework Set # 1 Due at the beginning of class on Thursday, September 16, 2010 Reminder: Show your reasoning! Read: Ross, sections 1.1-1.4 of Chapter 1, and sections 2.1-2.5 of Chapter 2 . SPECIFICS OF READING ASSIGNMENT: Examples to read carefully: Chapter 1: 2a–2e; 3a–3f; 4a–4e Chapter 2: 3a, 3b, 4a, 5a–5j, 5l (1). (18 points) There are 6 people at the security check at JFK, each with a laptop. Unfortunately, all the laptops look identical. They put them through the machine and each person grabs a laptop at random on the other side, not noticing that they may not have grabbed their own. (a). Describe the sample space corresponding to this experiment. (Make certain to define the notation you use to specify the outcomes!) (b). Find the probability that each person gets her/his own laptop. (c). Find the probability that Joe (one of the 6 travelers) gets his own laptop. (2). (20 points) Suppose that A and B are mutually exclusive events for which P ( A ) = 0 . 35 and P ( B ) = 0 . 51.
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