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Unformatted text preview: CASE 1: ASSESSING THE VALUE OF INFORMATION TREVOR TOY AUTO MECHANICS Trevor Toy Auto Mechanics is an automobile repair shop in Lindsay, Ontario. Over the past few years, Trevor has seen his business grow from a two-bay car repair shop with only one other employee to a 15-bay car repair shop with 21 employees. Up to now, Trevor has advertised that he will perform any work on any vehicle. But that’s becoming problematic as cars are becoming increasingly more complex. Trevor has decided he wants to create a more focused repair shop, and is asking for your help. He has provided you with a spreadsheet file that contains a list of all the repairs his shop has completed over the past year. The file contains the fields provided in the table here. Trevor is open to any suggestions you might have. So your analysis might include any combi- nation of (1) keeping only certain mechanics, (2) repairing only certain types of cars, and/or (3) performing only certain types of repairs. It is your responsibility to analyze the list and make a recommendation to Trevor concerning how he should focus his business. Some Particulars You Should Know 1. As you consider the information provided to you, think in terms of what information is important—you might need to use the existing information to create new information. 2. All mechanics are paid the same hourly wage. 3. Disregard any considerations associated with downsizing such as overhead—simply focus on the information provided to you. 4. Disregard any considerations for potential competition located near Trevor. 5. Upon completing your analysis, please provide concise yet detailed and thorough docu- mentation (in narrative, numeric, and graphical form) that justifies your recommendations. 6. File: trevor.xls (this Excel file is on the CD-ROM and on this book’s Web page: www.mcgrawhill.ca/college/haag ) 1 R E A L H O T Group Projects Column Name Description A MECHANIC # A unique number assigned to the mechanic who completed the work B CAR TYPE The type of car on which the work was completed C WORK COMPLETED What type of repair was performed on the car D NUM HOURS How long in hours it took to complete the work E COST OF PARTS The cost of the parts associated with completing the repair F TOTAL CHARGE The amount charged to the customer for the repair Skills Module 1 Decision Analysis— Excel 2 Real HOT Group Projects CASE 2: USING RELATIONAL TECHNOLOGY TO TRACK PROJECTS PHILLIPS CONSTRUCTION The Montreal-based Phillips Construction Company, in business since 1993, specializes in sub- contracting the development of single-family homes. Phillips has maintained a talented pool of certified staff and independent consultants allowing the flexibility and combined experience required to meet the needs of their nearly 300 completed projects in the metropolitan Montreal area. The field of operation methods that Phillips Construction is responsible for as it relates to building include: structural development, heating and cooling, plumbing, and electricity.building include: structural development, heating and cooling, plumbing, and electricity....
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