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Name: Thanh Ngoc Dang ID : 107 276 867 Chapter 3: Opening Case Study: More Cherries Please 1. Types of personal transaction information that I maintain: - Goods and services that I buy (books, tuition, transportation, food, room rent cost, travel, etc) - Goods and services that I sell (used books, used cell phones, etc) - Income (part-time jobs, online jobs, tutoring jobs, etc) I maintain these kinds of information to help me manage my financial situation. I use my computer to help me. For example, I can save information in a excel file, or track every transaction through online banking service of Bank of America, or through Paypal, etc 2. Detailed transaction information that a grocery would typically capture and store: - Type of product that is bought (using this information, the grocery will know which kinds of product are bought most, which are least to have right decision making) - Date of transaction (using this information will help the grocery to know the amount of product bought in each date and each month of a year) - Employee information (to know who does best work) - Origin of the product from suppliers (to trace the product when receiving complaints from customers about that product) Closing Case Study One 1. Giving manufacturers point-of-sale data is beneficial and necessary within demand-signal management because based on this data, the manufacturers can analyze the customer demand at each retailer for each type of product in any given period of time. Then, this analyzed information helps manufacturers predict upcoming trends of demand to produce the right amount
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hw_chapter3 - Name: ID : Thanh Ngoc Dang 107 276 867...

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