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In-Class case study for Lecture 4

In-Class case study for Lecture 4 - report that answers...

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In-Class Case Studies for Lecture 4 Case Study 1 EXPLORING INFORMATION AT B&B TRAVEL Benjamin Travis and Brady Austin are co-owners of B&B Travel Consultants, a medium size business in Seattle with several branch offices. B&B specializes in selling cruise packages. Ben and Brady maintain a workbook that contains the following list for each cruise package sale: A. LOCATION # —A unique number that identifies which office location recorded the sale B. TRAVEL AGENT # —A unique number that identifies which travel consultant recorded the sale C. CRUISE LINE —The name of the cruise line for which the package was sold D. TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE —The price charged to the customer for the package E. COMMISSION —The amount of money B&B made from the sale of the package Ben and Brady have decided to scale back their operations. So, they’re looking to you for help. The workbook name is XLMD_Travel.xls and you can find it on the Web site that supports this text at www.mhhe.com/haag (select XLM/D). Using AutoFilter, conditional formatting, and pivot tables, prepare a short
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Unformatted text preview: report that answers each of the following questions and illustrates the justification for your answers. a. Which, if any, location should be closed? b. Which, if any, travel consultants should be downsized? c. On which cruise lines should B&B focus its sales efforts? Case Study 2 CREATE A LIST FOR A BOOKSTORE Suppose that you’re the manager for your school’s bookstore. Your task is to create a list in a workbook that contains information about the textbooks it sells. In addition to tracking price, first author name, and publisher, identify five other pieces of information for each textbook. For this list, first provide a list definition table. Second, enter some information for 20 textbooks. Third, illustrate the use of the basic AutoFilter function, the Custom AutoFilter function, conditional formatting, and pivot tables. Finally, address how your bookstore might be able to use this information to support its decision-making tasks....
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In-Class case study for Lecture 4 - report that answers...

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