BIOS 122 Syllabus 22-11-02

BIOS 122 Syllabus 22-11-02 - Fundamental Concepts in of...

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Fundamental Concepts in of Biology BIOS 122 Course Information, Spring 2010 Alma Moon Novotny, Ph. D. Prerequisites: None required. Text: TBA. OwlSpace: The course site will have information under the Syllabus, Resources, Gradebook and Schedule tabs. Check the site and syllabus frequently, as I often post additional web links and bonus ops (see below). Lecture outlines: The first lecture and course information will be available on paper copies. After that, all lecture outlines or power point files will be posted on BIOS 122 Fall 2010 site on Owl Space. While I usually post my information in advance, our guest lecturers have complete freedom as to whether or when they provide test files or links. If a lecture outline is available in advance of class, you should print out a copy (or bring the file in on your lap top) to cut down on your writer’s cramp during note-taking. Course Objectives: Provide you with the background you need to analyze biological, environmental and medical information you encounter in the media. Give you an understanding of how biologists approach their work, both specifically to the field and as scientists in general. Introduce you to real scientists and their current research. Methodology: The basic format of the course involves lectures and talks from various instructors. Classes will also include group exercises and visits to labs. Grading: Your grade will be based on the successful completion of the following assignments: Final Exam – 30 points. Take-Home Exam I – 20 points Take Home Exam II- 20 points Home Work Assignments- 30 points The following point totals will guarantee the following solid letter grades. A 90 - 100 points B 80 - 89 points C 70 - 79 points D 60 - 69 points
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Assignment Details: This course is not graded on a curve, although the cutoff points may be lowered slightly . Basically I don't believe in penalizing students for being surrounded by other good students or rewarding them for a semester spent with dunderheads. Tests
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BIOS 122 Syllabus 22-11-02 - Fundamental Concepts in of...

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