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U1,L2 Types of Business - FutureShop Buys many different...

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Types of Business By: Aakash Sonkusare Examples of Service Businesses Type of Service Businesses Description of Business Public Transit Offers a mean of transportation (buses, taxis) to the public for a fee Repair shops Repair or service automobiles for a cost Financial Consulters Will offer their consultations and help others financially Tutoring Provides extra help with studying and education Restaurants Provide food to the public for a cost
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Examples of Merchandising Businesses Type of Merchandising Businesses Description of Business Zellers Sells various objects, including clothes, electronics to consumers of all ages, but acquires the prodtcs from manufacturers of those products. Food Basics Sells various types of food, that it acquires from other sources EB Games Buys games from different companies and sells them to consumers to different locations. Foot Locker Acquires shoes and clothes from various manufacturers and sells them to consumers
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Unformatted text preview: FutureShop Buys many different types of electronics and games from different manufacturers (companies) and the public buys these products from the shop, and the shop makes profit. Examples of Manufacturing Businesses Type of Manufacturing Businesses Description of Business Nike Manufactures shoes, with headbands, T-shirts, and shorts and sells to stores, where consumers buy their products. Sony Manufactures various electronics and sells them to various retailers, who later sell them for a profit. HP (Hewlett and Packard) Manufactures computers, printers and other electronic items and sells them to other stores such as Staples, which sells it to consumers for a profit. Kraft Canada Inc. Produces and packages food, then sells it to other stores, which sell it to consumers. Bacardi Creates liquor and sells it to stores that specialize in selling liquor....
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