Unit 1 Lesson 4- Careers in Accounting

Unit 1 Lesson 4- Careers in Accounting - Careers in...

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Careers in Accounting / Canadian Accounting Designations There are a number of possible careers that exist within the field of accounting. Some jobs in accounting require little skill and training, while others require many years of training and a professional accounting designation. In Canada, there are three professional accounting organizations that grant designations to those who qualify: Certified General Accountants Association, Society of Management Accountants of Canada, and Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. It is important to distinguish between the function of an accountant , and that of a bookkeeper . Although both jobs are integral to the entire accounting process, they require different levels of skill, education, and training. A bookkeeper , also known as an accounting clerk, requires less skill and education, and is concerned with the day-to-day accounting procedures in a business. A bookkeeper 's job consists of the following functions: recording the business' daily transactions balancing the accounts in the business' ledger conducting daily banking transactions preparing payroll An accountant will normally have one of the three professional accounting designations described in this lesson, thus requiring a higher level of skill and education. A professional accountant is usually responsible for developing and overseeing the entire
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Unit 1 Lesson 4- Careers in Accounting - Careers in...

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