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Motivating Employees It is possible for managers to motivate employees. They could motivate them using intrinsic motivation which refers to the motivation provided by an activity itself. I watch managers use this method of motivation every day at wa-lmart. They all have morning meetings and safety meetings. During their meetings they do cheers, play out safety exercises, and see who can be the loudest when they are saying the motto of wal-mart. This gets all the employees hyped up and gives them energy so that they are ready to start their day. When the employees are done with their meetings they are in the best of moods and have lots of energy it seems like. So this kind of positive energy and motivation can definitely get employees motivated. The other way managers could motivate employees would be to use extrinsic motivation which refers to motivation that derives from the consequences of an activity. I also see this same motivation at
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Unformatted text preview: the wal-mart location that I work at. During their meetings they talk about the safety and if it is being met and the goals of the company. If all the employees do their part and play an active role in keeping the safety issues down and the goals of the company up, then the employees get rewarded with a dress down day. I know that this past week the employees were motivated to meet all safety goals so they all tried really hard. Since all employees were motivated to work together as a team, they accomplished their goals. In return for them accomplishing their safety goal and keeping each other motivated they all earned not only one, but two dress down days. So instead of having to wear uniform, which is blue shirts and khakis, they got to wear what they wanted which was jeans and a t-shirt of choice. This would be a great motivation considering they would get to wear what they wanted and not have to wear the usual....
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