Written Work _1 - Active and Passive Listening

Written Work _1 - Active and Passive Listening - definitely...

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Amanda Muzichuck January 25, 2011 Written Work #1 ~ Active and Passive Listening Part 1 For my assignment, I decided to use an experience from when I went shopping in  the mall this past weekend.  While shopping in Hollister, I could hear a really upbeat,  sort of funky song playing in the background.  I couldn’t figure out who was singing so I  asked the salesperson if she knew.  She told me it was “Runaway Baby” recorded by  Bruno Mars.  So for my assignment, I researched the song for more information.  The  name of the album was   and it had been  composed by Bruno Mars, Phillip Lawrence, Ari Levin, and Brody Brown.  It took me a  while to find out what exactly the style of music was but after a few searches I was able  to find that the genre is actually doo-wop mixed with slight reggae and soul.  The song 
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Unformatted text preview: definitely enlightened me Hollister is very dimly lit store and, to me, it feels a little bit depressing. However, this song definitely changed the mood in a positive way because of the fast, upbeat rhythm. Part 2 For this assignment, I went to a friend, who has a very diverse taste in music, if he would pick out a song for me. The song he chose was Down in Mexico which was recorded by The Coaster and composed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The self-titled album, The Coasters , released with this song on the album on January 11, 1956. The style of music is listed under R&B/Soul, however, with the use of saxophones, pianos, and guitars; I feel that it has more of an American blues/rock feel about it....
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Written Work _1 - Active and Passive Listening - definitely...

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