MK203 mr - management to company's investment plan,...

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Strategy Manager Report 1. 1) Care of your employees. 2) Provide the best of what ever it is you are in the business of making. 3) Marketing! 4) Research, not only the market, but your competition and future needs. 5) Strong fiscal management. 6) Customer service. 7) Work with the suppliers of your raw materials and other needs. 2. Collection studies the market economy information, development profession research work; Collection company insider information, development company in-house research; Establishment company's strategy develop, establishment strategy control system, the monitoring year management plan completes the situation , build strategy control system, Monitoring the year management plan, completes the situation; Establishment investment and merger, acquisition procedure and the flow, and carry on the
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Unformatted text preview: management to company's investment plan, organization participate in company's merger and acquisition project. 3. 1) Customer Needs 2) Environment response a. Competitor b. Fight brand c. Price 3) Resources Competence 4) Time Requirements 5) Equipment 4. 1) To politics, the economy, the society, the technology carries on the track analysis 2) To carries on the analysis the supplier, the customer, the substitution product's competition strength 3) Market survey 5. Market, news, same product advertisement 6. 1) Why the customer need to buy our product 2) Do they really need it 3) What our competitors will do 4) Market development tendency 5) The comparison of scale in price to velum with other similar products 7. JIE TANG—The segmentation manager...
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MK203 mr - management to company's investment plan,...

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