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MBA Program Course Code: ASC361 Pre-requisite Courses: Nill WELCOME TO THE CLASS I ntroduction: I look forward to have a fruitful and meaningful interaction with each one of you during the term. This will however depend on your active participation and attention during the class sessions and an active follow up afterwards. Course Description: The course has been divided into two sections; viz., mathematics and statistics. In mathematic section main stress would be on solving equations, analytical geometry (graph, linear equation – slope-intercept form), solving simultaneous equations, mathematical functions (concept of domain and range), mathematics of finance and matrices. All topics will be discussed along with their applications. Some features of Microsoft Excel on graph and matrices are also included in the course. In statistics students will learn scope and application of statistics, collection and presentation of data, summation notation, and frequency distribution, measure of central tendency, measure of dispersion, probability theory and introduction to probability distribution. This course will also cover SPSS and Excel. Course Objective: : The main objective of this course is to teach basic concepts of mathematics and statistics so that students can understand the importance of quantitative information in decision making. After this course, student will be ready to learn statistical inference, quantitative techniques for data analysis and management science. Please arrive and leave on time. Class will begin promptly five minutes after the hour and will end exactly on the hour. Late arrivals and early departures disrupt class and ruin the presentations of others. They are
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Business Maths & Stats - MBA Program Business...

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