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Case 3 JetBlue Airways: Can It Survive in a Turbulent Industry? Assignment Questions 1. What impresses you the most about JetBlue and its strategy in 2005? 2. What grade would you give David Neeleman for the job he has done as CEO of JetBlue? Evaluate his performance on the five tasks of strategic management discussed in Chapter 2. 3. What was David Neeleman’s original strategic vision for JetBlue? Is his present strategic vision for JetBlue different from the one he had in 1988? How has his strategic vision changed? Has JetBlue’s strategy evolved since it was originally conceived? How has it changed? 4. What are the key functional strategies that have enabled David Neeleman and JetBlue’s management to implement and execute its chosen strategy? What are the key policies, practices, and procedures that underlie how David Neeleman and JetBlue’s management have implemented and executed the chosen strategy? 5. What is your assessment of JetBlue’s financial performance during fiscal years 2000-
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Unformatted text preview: 2004? Use the various financial ratios presented in Table 4.1 of Chapter 4 to guide your assessment of the company’s financial statements. Does the company’s recent financial performance indicate that JetBlue’s strategy is working well? How do JetBlue’s key operating metrics compare to those of rivals? Is the company in good enough financial shape to survive all the industry turmoil? 6. What are the factors driving change in the airline industry? How are they likely to impact the future attractiveness of the industry? 7. What are the key success factors in the airline industry? 8. What issues confront the company heading into 2006? What should JetBlue’s management be worried about? 9. What recommendations would you make to David Neeleman to sustain the company’s growth and support continued strong financial performance in the years ahead?...
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