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Assignment Questions 1. What is Western States' business model? What impresses you most about the company? 2. What is competition like in the insurance industry? Which forces are the strongest? Which are the weakest? 3. Identify the forces driving change in the insurance industry. Which are likely to have the most significant impact in the near future and is the overall impact of the driving forces likely to be favorable or unfavorable? 4. What resource strengths and competitive capabilities have been developed at Western States? What resource deficiencies and competitive liabilities appear to exist at Western States? What market opportunities do you see for Western States—are there any beyond those that Toussaint and Western States are considering? What external factors might possibly threaten the company’s future success? Do a SWOT analysis to support your
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Unformatted text preview: answers. 5. Evaluate Western States’ financial performance from 1998-2003. Are revenue and earnings growth acceptable? How liquid is the company? Has leverage become a concern? How does Western States’ financial performance compare to that of key rivals? 6. How would you characterize Western States’ growth strategy through 2002? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the approach they have adopted as opposed to other growth strategies? Has it produced results consistent with the company’s strategic and financial objectives? 7. Which of the three objectives/strategic alternatives should Kirby advise Toussaint to pursue? Why? What is the upside potential associated with the course of action you have recommended? What are the downside risks? What are the obstacles Toussaint is likely to encounter in implementing your suggested course of action?...
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