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Assignment Questions 1. What are the fundamental elements of Copperfield's strategy? Which of the five generic strategies do you believe Copperfield’s is pursuing? How well is it working? 2. What do we learn about the nature and strength of the competitive pressures Copperfield's Books faces from doing a five forces analysis of the U.S. bookselling industry? Which of the forces is the strongest? Which is the weakest? What does the long-run profitability of the U.S. bookselling industry look like? 3. What are the major driving forces in the U.S. bookselling industry? 4. What does your strategic group map of the retail bookselling industry in the Napa Valley look like? 5. What are the key success factors in the U.S. bookselling industry? 6. Which of Copperfield's competitors are the strongest? Which are the weakest? Do a weighted competitive strength analysis as per the methodology discussed in Table 4.5 of
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 to support your answer. 7. What is your evaluation of Copperfield’s Books’ recent financial performance (see Table 4.1 in Chapter 4 for potential financial ratio calculations)? Where do you see areas of strength? Where are areas for improvement? 8. What does a SWOT analysis of Copperfield's reveal? What are Copperfield's Books’ core competencies? Its distinctive competencies? Does it have a competitive advantage? How does Copperfield's Books compare to its competitors in a weighted competitive strength assessment? 9. How can Montan position Copperfield's Books vis-à-vis its larger competitors? Should Tom Montan proceed with his plan to open the Bel Aire Plaza store in Napa? Are there other strategic options that he might have overlooked? What are the pros and cons of each strategic option?...
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