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Assignment Questions 1. What factors in the external environment made Project Hippocrates important to HEAL- INC? 2. Why do you think Monica Ashley was so interested in pushing so hard to implement Project Hippocrates? What made her interested in the project? 3. Why was Monica driving so hard to meet her own self-imposed deadline? 4. Who were the key players that Monica needed to interact with to make Project Hippocrates successful? How did each of them view the project? Who was supportive of Monica and the project and who was not? What is important to each of the players? 5. What were Monica’s strengths in managing Project Hippocrates? What did she do well? 6. What were Monica’s weaknesses in managing Project Hippocrates? Where did she go
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Unformatted text preview: wrong? 7. What could/should Monica have done differently in order to make the implementation process for Project Hippocrates less contentious? 8. What are the implications of Monica’s removal for Project Hippocrates? Is the Project more likely to be successful now that Monica is gone from the scene? Was Stella right to remove Monica from Project Hippocrates shortly before its completion? 9. What are the implications for Monica? Should she look for a job with another company? 10. Would you accept an offer to be Monica’s replacement if it was offered to you shortly after Monica was relieved of her position? Why or why not? 11. What do we learn from Monica Ashley’s experience? What are the lessons to be learned from this case?...
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